Mastercard Business

Be acepted all over the world.

Effective management and cost control

A MasterCard Business Credit Card can be issued to a resident legal entity who has opened a transaction account in the Bank. Its functionality is designed to simplify the management of assets for legal entities. The main purpose of the cards is paying the costs for a vehicle fleet, representations, small inventory and related costs. These payment cards are protected by chip technology that offers a variety of features, and thanks to security and protection functions, almost completely disables card abuse.

The credit card states both the name of the legal entity and of the individual user, and cannot be transferred to another person. The validity period of the card is one year, and after the expiration it is extended to 2 years in accordance with the rules of the Bank.

Costs are charged exclusively in denars, regardless of where the transactions are made, for which a monthly report is obtained, including special reviews for each individual user. Liability settlement term is up to 15th in the current month, for the monthly expense incurred in the previous month.

Accepted in the country, abroad and on the Internet

Mastercards of Sparkasse Bank are accepted at over 40 million points of sale containing a Mastercard labeling. All Mastercards are accepted on the Internet, all merchants having indicated Mastercard labeling.

Промена на ПИН на нашите банкомати

На сите банкомати на Шпаркасе Банка можете самостојно да го промените ПИН-от на сопствената картица.

Daily cash withdrawal limits for MasterCard Business Credit Card:

  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs MKD 100 000
  • Non-cash payment in stores MKD 100 000
  • Total daily limit of MKD 100 000

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