Visa Business Debit Card

Your reliable financial support in every business situation

Visa Business Debit Card is an internationally accepted business card for all types of legal entities - sole proprietors, professions and associations, making it a secure financial support in any business situation. All transactions immediately burden a client’s transaction account. The card is intended for payment of goods and services at points of sale and for cash withdrawl in the country and abroad at all points accepting Visa cards. The card states a name and cannot be transferred.

Cash withdrawal worldwide

• cash withdrawal without commission at ATMs of Sparkasse Bank Makedonija.

• withdrawal of funds with a commission all over the world at ATMs with Visa label.

Depositing funds

The card allows you to deposit funds on your account at the Sparkasse Bank ATMs.

Non-cash payments

Pay worldwide and buy online safely and easily with your Visa Business Debit

Issuance of additional card for all authorized persons

An additional card can be issued at the request of the manager of the legal entity, for all authorized users listed in the Application Issue Form. You define and modify the amount of the card and the individual limits according to your needs.

Cost control

The card limit can be defined depending on your need. You can request to strip an individual card at any time, or you can request an additional card. The card can be used to withdraw cash at the ATMs or to pay at the point of sale.

Change of PIN at our ATMs

At all Sparkasse Bank ATMs you can independently change the PIN on your own card

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Debit card limits

Each card is additionally protected by setting the maximum amount as well as the number of daily transactions

Card Usage Security

The Bank monitors and controls every segment of the card operations, which means the security of the card operations and of the ATM network