Payment account

If you keep the importance of fast and flexible bank support while running your business, look for our multicurrency payment account

The payment account in Sparkasse Bank allows you to conduct cash and non-cash transactions in denars or other currencies, with prompt and quality reporting of the transactions made

You can adjust your account in Sparkasse Bank according to your needs

Payment operations

Make your transactions quickly, securely, and easily

BusinessNet Plus

E-Banking payment at any time and from any location

Master and Visa Business Card

Pay easily and safely from home and abroad

Reports –statements of payment accounts

Fast and efficient access to information on the changes and balance of your account

Employees working for you

Qualified team of employees that puts you first

Visa Business Debit

Every user of a payment account of Sparkasse Bank is allowed to use MasterCard Business debit, which allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs, but also to pay in retail stores.

Your debit card brings you many advantages, such as:

  • the ability to withdrawn or deposit cash at the ATMs that have the deposit function
  • issue of additional cards to all who are authorized to use the payment account
  • no commission for withdrawal of cash at ATMs abroad
  • payment of goods and services at points of sale labeling Visa all over the world

Powerful E-Banking services

  • Allows monitoring the balance, paying bills and conduct transactions remotely using mobile device and saving time
  • Most favorable charges for a large number of payment operation services as well as transactions at any time of the day regardless of working hou
  • There are other services that will help you with the daily operations

Account reports

You can get all information on the balance and the changes in the payment account in one of the following ways depending on your will:

  • • use of e-banking services: BusinessNet
  • • e-mail, fax, mail, at the Bank

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