Foreign currency guarantees

For quality international cooperation with your business partners and deferred payment

  • Deferred payment guarantees for securing deferred payment of goods and services
  • Tender guarantees, advance payment guarantees, performance guarantees, quality maintenance guarantees, bid bonds
  • Issue of counter-guarantee and super-guarantees
  • Receipt of all types of guarantee in favour of the Bank’s customers.

The use of letters of guarantee and letters of credit in international trade allows better cooperation with foreign partners as well as deferred payment necessary for maintaining balanced cash flow and increased operational efficiency. For exporters unwilling to assume the accounts receivable risk, we offer confirmed guarantee or letter of credit allowing safe collection of your receivables under condition to deliver the goods/service by submitting duly documents under the letter of credit conditions.
Furthermore, if you are a buyer/importer, your interests are safe as the payment of the agreed amount will be made even after the seller (exporter) provide documented evidence that the service/goods has been delivered in accordance with the agreed quantity, quality and term.

Issue of FX (Nostro) guarantees

The use of this product of the Bank allows you to obtain deferred payment of imported goods thus enhancing your cash flows in your regular business.

Notification on received export (Loro) guarantee

If you obtain a guarantee as beneficiary, we offer its prompt and quality forwarding, while the Bank does not assume any liability related to the guarantee received; it however can offer consulting whether the guarantee complies with the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

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