• Refinancing of current liabilities
  • Possibility of consolidation of some current liabilities in one obligation to a bank
  • Closing current liabilities by refinancing and possibility of additional financing

Reduce your costs and facilitate the management of your finances by consolidating the existing debts in one debt in the Bank. We offer you a possibility to refinance all or part of your short- and long- term obligations including leasing, credit card and other debts. Refinancing may be accompanied by additional financing after closing all existing obligations.

Models of refinancing

Short-term working capital loan

Solution for short-term needs of working capital

Short-term revolving loan facility

The short-term revolving loan facility is used for funding periodical needs for additional

Investment loans

With investment credits you have the opportunity to finance investments in modernization and / or expansion of the business

Permanent working capital loans

The purpose of these loans is to provide long-term financing of working capital

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