Personal Data Protection

The success of Sparkasse Bank AD Skopje mainly depends on the trust of its customers, shareholders, employees and the public as a whole. This trust is based on the compliance with all applicable statutory, regulatory and internal regulations, market standards and managing rules of each of the Bank’s business activities. Compliance control is a continuous process of observing of all legal and other acts relevant for the Bank’s operations. Each of the employees in the Bank is obliged to comply and work in accordance with applicable laws, and the Compliance Control Division is a carrier of the control process, which was established pursuant to the Banking law of RM..

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija AD Skopje has established a policy and manner of operation with permanent coordination and regular notification and training for our employees. This persistent commitment to create a culture of harmonized operation also contributes to the legal certainty of our employees and customers.

The Bank takes all prescribed technical and organizational measures for protection of personal data and their misuse. Our procedures and processes are subject to regular controls and reflect the latest advances in protection and security.

In cooperation with our customers we place great emphasis on the confidentiality and protection of personal data. Personal data is processed fairly and in compliance with law. Personal data may be processed following prior consent provided by the personal data subject. Any person having access to personal data is obliged to ensure their confidentiality and protection processing in accordance with law. For that purpose, Sparkasse Bank AD Skopje applies relevant technical and organizational measures for protection against accidental or illegal destruction of the personal data and their accidental loss. The Bank, aimed at implementation of those measures when processing personal data as well as compliance with the legal provisions, appoints an officer for personal data protection.

Access to your information and your rights

All information related to personal data processing may be obtained by completing Application for Information of Personal Data Processing also available on the link and its submission in the branches of the Bank.

Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that are used to collect information that allows you to recognize your computer on your next visit to our web site, which allows faster access. Also, in some cases, we record information in the form of "Cookies" on your computer, in order to accommodate web site visits according to your needs and habits. Personal data is not collected through Cookies.

All information stored within "Cookies" can be used only for the needs of the Internet service in a way that your privacy will not be compromised.