Bank statements via email

Get online statements every month

An e-mail statement is a service that is intended for all credit card users of Sparkasse Bank Makedonija who want to receive their monthly statements in electronic format (PDF) in order to simply pay their monthly obligations in a bank or via electronic / mobile banking. If you activate the e-mail account service, you will not receive statements by mail from the next month.

Why do I activate email statement?

Saves time

Always on time and without delay Fast and simple payment via e-banking service.


Show your ECO awareness and care for the environment, get your statements in electronic form.

Privacy guaranteed

Only you get it, and there is no possibility of abuse.

Always accessible

You always have insight into the latest 36-month statements via the e-banking service.

Instructions for managing electronic payment

The simplest way to make payment is to realize a payment order via e-banking. You verify the payment through a one-time password generated by the sToken app. Process for realization of electronic payment:



You log in the Sparkasse E-Banking app with a user name and password or a one-time password generated through sToken.


Choice of a payment order

Select the „Payment" option, then select the account type (PP30, PP50 or overheads).


Payment order data

Fill in the order you want to pay according to the type of payment and go to „Next".


Data check

Check the display data before you sign the payment order.



Sign the payment order by generating the one-time password through the sToken app.



Check the payment order status in the „Daily Payment Order" Manu.



Log out of the E-Banking app.

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