Make all transactions via your mobile phone or tablet

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija mobile banking is an application intended for smart phones and/or tablets and can be installed at any internet access point thus having easy and simple 24-hour access to all Sparkasse Bank Makedonija products and services intended for natural persons.

S-Banking benefits


БFast and simple login by entering a user PIN.

Picture pay

Possibility to pay by taking picture of the overheads invoice bar code


Payment from home, office or stroke via a smart device and use of the app from more than one device at a time.


Saves time, available 24 hours a day irrelevant of the branches’ working hours and lower costs for payment of orders.


Fast and simple personal funds management at any time and place.

S-Banking offers the following possibilities:

  • Insight into the conditions of all MKD and foreign currency accounts, credit cards, deposits and savings accounts, loans and other products of the Bank
  • Simple payment of overheads, internal transactions and funds transfer to all natural and legal persons
  • Exchange office (currency conversion)
  • “Picture Pay”, possibility to pay by taking picture of the overheads invoice bar code
  • Creating readily used customized payment templates
  • Location of closest ATMs and branches
  • Exchange rate list and calculator for loans and deposits

How do I become S-Banking user?


Fill it in and submit it to any Sparkasse branch.


АActivate the app and start using it. Good luck!

Download the S-Banking app

The mobile banking app may be used even when not registered as a user of Sparkasse Bank Makedonija mobile banking, and in that case you can only access public information on the Bank’s products and services, geolocation of ATMs and branches, loan and deposit calculators and exchange rate list. Download free app with basic data, search its function and apply in one of the Bank’s branches!

Costs and charges

Activation, monthly maintenance and realization of payment orders via mobile banking


One-off charge for activation of mobile banking

MKD 150

Monthly charge for use of mobile banking

MKD 150

Cashless payments via Internal Clearing


Cashless payments via KIBS

MKD 15

Cashless payments via MIPS

MKD 100

Cashless payments for loan, credit card and overheads