SMS Notification

Receive SMS for any change in the transaction account and transactions realized with payment cards. 

  • save time through simple and fast access to information;
  • timely notification;
  • additional security when making transactions;
  • prevention of the card misuse;
  • promotional notifications.

SMS Notification service refers to notification on the changes in the client’s transaction account and transactions realized with payment cards through SMS on the service user’s mobile phone as indicated in the application.

Transaction account inflow

Notification on the transaction account inflow by sending SMS to the client when receiving inflow in his/her transaction account in the Bank. Messages are sent 2 (two) minutes after the change in the transaction account. In addition to the inflow, the SMS contains information on the available balance of the client’s transaction account.

The service includes the following notifications:

  • Payment of a salary/pension;
  • Payment of cash at the cash desk;
  • Payment of cash at ATM;
  • Transfer of funds by natural persons.

Transactions with payment cards

This service makes it possible to introduce additional control and security when using payment cards. You receive notification on each use of your debit and credit cards within several seconds after the transaction irrelevant whether it is a question of withdrawing money from ATM, POS terminal payment or online trading in the country or abroad.

Validity period of the card

Notification on the validity period of the client’s payment card is an SMS through which the Bank informs the client that his/her payment card expires in the current month. The notification is sent on the first working day of the month in which the payment card expires. This service enables the client to raise the renewed payment card from the Bank in a timely manner and continue to use it unhindered.

Promotional messages

Through promotional SMS messages the Bank will inform its clients on all novelties related to its operations. The message is sent to all SMS service users who have agreed to receive promotional information and containing informative text.

Example: A new ATM has been installed; The Bank commenced promotional campaign; prize competition is ongoing; ant etc.

Overview of expenses

Type of Notification

Type of Notification Fees and commissions

SMS for transaction account inflow

MKD 50

SMS for transactions with payment cards

SMS notification on the card expiry period

Promotional messages

SMS notification on transactions with business payment cards

MKD 150

Cancellation of SMS notification service

MKD 100

* The above expenses refer to monthly level.

How to apply for SMS notifications?

To apply for the branch service it is necessary to:


Have had a mobile phone with a SIM card from a Macedonian operator.


Submit a completed SMS application in the nearest branch.