Mastercard Gold

A card accepted worldwide.

Ideal for travels and shopping in your favorite stores

Mastercard Gold is accepted in more than 40 million sales points worldwide. Worldwide accessibility of the card offers you an assurance that you can simply pay for daily expenses with this card.

Accessible in the country, abroad and the Internet

Mastercard of Sparkasse Bank is accepted at more than 40 million sales points indicating acceptance of the Mastercard. All Mastercard are accepted in the Internet with all dealers indicating acceptance of the Mastercard brand.

Interest rate

The interest rate for all clients who apply for Mastercard Gold credit card will be in accordance with the valid decision on interest rates of the Bank.

Interest rate at the moment: 10,5 % annually.

Amount of revolving credit card limit

The maximum amount of the revolving limit is up to 4 salaries (the limit is defined under the Bank internal procedures). The minimum amount of the monthly repayment is 5% of the used limit on the credit card.

Minimum amount of Mastercard Gold credit card: 100.000 MKD.

Maximum amount of Mastercard Gold credit card: 500.000 MKD.

Additional credit card benefits

Withdraw cash from ATM without commision


Payment on instalment


Inovative ATMs




Charges and conditions

Application costs


Annual membership


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Receive your statement on e-mail every month.

Cash on ATMs without commission!

Every last weekend in the month.

SMS Notifications

Receive SMS for all changes to your transaction account and payment card.