Safe deposit boxes

Best and most secure solution to store your valuable items

Items that can be stored in a safe deposit box:

  • Personal documents (birth certificate, citizenship certificate, diplomas and degrees, certifications, property deeds)
  • Valuable documents (agreements, securities, savings books)
  • Valuable items (jewellery, gemstones, precious metals, rare stamps, other types of collectables, souvenirs)
  • Items of special importance in your life (irreplaceable negatives, photographs, pictures and videos that are part of your home inventory, and you must not allow to be stolen or damaged

Use of safe deposit boxes:

You can authorize a close family member to operate your safe deposit box. You have the key in your hand and you can immediately use your safe deposit box any working day from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm in the premises in Sparkasse Bank Makedonija AD Skopje located at Makedonija Str. 9-11. Sparkasse Bank Makedonija guarantee for confidentiality of your safe deposit box.

The following items may not be stored in the safe deposit box:

  • explosive substances
  • flammable substances
  • forbidden substances
  • pollutants
  • acids
  • foul-smelling substances
  • substances which by the Bank opinion may cause damage to the leased safe deposit box or generally to the premise where the safe deposit boxes are situated.

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