S-plan non-purpose consumer loan

  • loan amount up to 610.000 MKD
  • No commission for loan approval
  • Repayment period up to 10 years
  • Life insurance policy from Winner Life

Basic characteristics

Fixed interest rate for the first two years

starting from 5.80%

Maximum amount

up to 610.000 MKD


according to the loan amount

Interest rate


for the first 24 months

from 5.80%

(linked to the Central Bank Bills interest rate)

after expiration of the fixed period

from 7,60%

Please use the calculator to obtain information estimate of the monthly installment for S plan consumer loan.

Security for the loan

Up to MKD 300,000 - without a guarantor

From MKD 300,001 to MKD 610,000 – 1 (one) creditworthy guarantor or notarized Loan Agreement

*Additional compulsory security is a mixed life insurance policy

*For notarization of the Agreement it is necessary that the spouse or close relative (brother, sister or parent) appear as co-debtor in the Loan Agreement.


Administrative costs

MKD 500 one-time charge for consumer loan application

Approval fee

0% promotional without commission for loan approval