COOL package

Why should I be a user of COOL package?

Because you want to be in a trend, independent, plan your future based on your own decisions and dedicate yourself to what makes you happy!

The COOL package opens many new opportunities and benefits ahead that will give you an idea of how to organize your time and finances, bring you closer to what you want and give you the freedom to plan your future steps independently.

All financial services together:

S-banka mobile banking

COOL package users are released from the application fees and monthly fees.

Debit card

Free debit card providing opportunities to draw cash from the Group ATMs without any fees and commissions.

SMS notifications

Receive SMS messages for each inflow of a transaction account and for payment card transactions.

MKD account

Without maintenance fee.

Benefits offered by the COOL Package

    • Using the COOL package is free for the first two months
    • With just one fee you get more banking products available for a lower price - up to 40% lower fees
    • Two free withdrawals per month with the debit card of any ATM in the country