Term deposit with a fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the term. Deposit Plus is a person for customers who are interested in saving in Denars and Euros and who they want to get a good savings plan for a long period.

    "Deposit plus in MKD" for 13 and 25 months.Depositors who open a traditional deposit in denars receive a 3,30% fixed interest rate for denar savings for 13 months, that is 3,80% for 25 months.

    "Deposit plus in EUR" for 12 and 25 months. .Depositors who will open a traditional deposit in euros receive a 2,3% fixed interest rate for saving for 12 months, that is, 2,8% for 25 months.

    Why Deposit Plus?

    • Promotional offer with attractive interest rates
    • Fixed interest rate for the entire term period
    • Minimum initial deposit amount of 2,000 MKD for Deposit Plus in MKD and 100 EUR for Deposit Plus in EUR

    Decision on Interest Rate