Sight deposits

    If you are willing to save and freely dispose of the funds on your sight account, choose this type of deposit product.

    • Free disposal of the funds at any time
    • Availability of saved funds
    • Option of any currency of the Bank Exchange Rate List

    Main characteristics

    Interest rate



    availability any time

    Additional deposit

    Allowed in the Bank branches and via e-banking

    Sight deposit conditions:


    Interest is not calculated on sight deposits – funds on the transaction account


    The client may dispose of sight deposits – funds on the transaction account up to the amount of the available funds while adhering to the maximum amount of the funds that could be withdrawn without prior notification.


    Residents and nonresidents can open a transaction account in the Bank branches (a transaction account contract for minors may be concluded by a legal representative/guardian).


    All the above refers to both residents and nonresidents while the provisions of the General Conditions of Sparkasse Bank Makedonija shall apply to anything that is not mentioned for natural persons (other than the provisions governing the Credit Operations) and applicable regulations.

    Deposit Plus

    Fixed interest rate of 2,4%

    Saving Plan

    Excellent Saving plan

    Promotional Deposit Progress

    Secure Savings with promotional Deposit Progress

    Decision on Interest Rate

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